Week 11

Alright, alright. So the week 11 write-up is “1.9 weeks” late. I apologize for being distracted by other things, but the Platypusses have really tanked lately and it’s possible an ArcGIS Pro user conspiracy could be responsible (so I can focus on ‘their needs‘ instead). It’s either them or our Tech Support team… Surely it’s not team-management-related!

Anyway, this week (and next) the write-ups are “headlines only”.

“Nuts are wantonly flashed and the Gnomes stumble!”

  • The Nut Flush Draw (99) def Gnomes (87)

“Aggressors acquitted! Avoid Disgrace with great defense attorney.”

  • Northern Aggression (99) def Auto Draft Disgrace (86)

“Chica Chica Boom Boom! But the Goods do not get lucky.”

  • El Sereno Chica (112) def Not Lucky or Good (94)

“Festival bells ring out as Platypus roasts slowly on the spit.”

  • Festivus Miracles (123) def Platypus Power (85)

I’d wish everyone good luck, but week 12 is already in the past.  😐



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