Round 11 – Results

Sorry, this post is for posterity only.  The thing about Director Meetings is that they suck the life (and football) right out of you and it takes a while to get it back.

Anything but RBs (121) def Da Gnomes (74)

There were no Real Blondes to be seen in this horror flick – just a bunch of brunettes who took their bottle of bleach outside and doused it all over the little fellas they’d just buried in short, shallow graves behind the willow tree.

El Sereno Chica (136) def Sultans of Suck (113)

Apologies to the Chicas – their first win of the season and no full write-up. It’s possible that they’re still drunk on the joy of it all (and Sangria, of course) and haven’t noticed. And while the Sultans didn’t really suck, they sucked enough.

Northern Aggression (100) def Luckier than Good (95)

Better to be angry than lucky? Not very often, but apparently this week that was the case. Perhaps the football gods understood (as angry as they were with Peyton for making them look bad) and decided to take it out on their favorite lucky son?

Mouchoir Sur Terrain (91) def Killer Koalas (83)

Two good hankies is all a gentlemen needs to survive in society, and that’s exactly what the Mooshoos pulled off this week. The Koalas were just a furry mess that someone threw a can of red paint on. At least it hid the blood.

Proper write-ups will continue shortly…


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