Finals – Round 2 – Preview

This is it. The final showdowns. It deserves a preview post.

For 1st: Seasoned Vets vs El Sereno Chica

Although finishing 3rd/4th in the regular season, both teams knocked off their higher-ranked opponents to make it to the Big Show. The Vets are hoping that Peyton is frothing at the mouth after last week’s loss, and the Chicas are hoping their Fairy Godmother can visit again. With the Vets undoubtedly on the wrong side of a “fairy tale ending”, they are at a distinct disadvantage heading into this one.

The Line: Chicas by 4

The Tip: Chicas by 19

For 3rd: Sacrificial Anodes vs Sultans of Suck

You can almost smell the Old Spice in the air, as the disappointment of being in the 3rd-4th position playoff causes both teams to simply “give up being sexy”. The Anodes dominated all season long, and then fell over as they show-ponied their way into the end zone. And the Sultans are simply allergic to pet dander. Both teams are full of pride, though, so expect them to bring their A-games one more time.

The Line: Anodes by 11

The Tip: Anodes by 1

For 5th: Killer Koalas vs Over-Seasoned Vets

Just when modern medicine finds a complete cure for narcolepsy, the season ends. The Koalas are charging home, but were too late getting out of bed. The Over Seasoned Vets have had their hearts ripped from the chest – many times – all season long and are probably just looking for a break in checking the scores. Interestingly, despite a massive 190+ points last week, Yahoo thinks this one will go to the Paprikas.

The Line: Over Seasoned Vets by 9

The Tip: Koalas by 22

For 7th: Northern Aggression vs Da Gnomes

The matchup we all dreamed for – brother versus brother, and the Wooden Spoon up for grabs. Will the Aggressors fall… all… the… way… to the very bottom of the table? Or will Da Gnomes provide him with a soft, cushy landing? Regardless of the result, the bidding for the rights to the “Williams Family Christmas Dinner” reality show is going through the roof. Only one brother will get to have a very merry Christmas this year.

The Line: Aggression by 5

The Tip: Gnomes by 0.2


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