Round 14 – Results

The write-up for the last regular season FF game was seriously delayed this week due to circumstances beyond my control –> ie: “the day job”…  So, more for prosperity than anything else, here are the results for Week 14.

Sacrificial Anodes (144) def Northern Aggression (101)

The Anodes proved that they were the real LeSean McCoys (221 yards, 2 TDs) as they grabbed the win, and the Minor Premiership, with both rusty hands. The Aggressors sudden interest in skydiving dropped them out of the top four and into the mix for wooden spoon. Their parachute state remains undetermined.

Sultans of Suck (112) def Over Seasoned Vet (87)

The Sultans did their part for a run at the top spot (ie: they won), but will have to settle for 2nd place (at least for now). Perhaps next year they will fully embrace something that seems to work and appear as the Emirs of Suck?  There was a slight chance the Over Seasoned Vet could drag his salty, tabascoed butt out of last place with a win this week (and some help from the pointy hats), but it was not to be. An ignoble end of the regular season for a stalwart of the FF fraternity. Perhaps the finals can get him off the floor…

El Sereno Chica (100) def Da Gnomes (82)

The Chica’s snuck through the closing blast-bay doors a millisecond before the season ended to get into the top four and perhaps, just perhaps, wreak havoc on the upper group. Da Gnomes took more of a Maxwell Smart approach to the season this year and smacked their nose into the metal door (pretty much each and every episode, now that I think about it).

Killer Koalas (128) def Seasoned Vets (110)

The Koalas waited until it made absolutely no difference to time their run of 4 wins in a row. Still, they made it up to 6th and have held off two of the more prolific FF brains to get there.  The Seasoned Vets, with an impressive first half of the season, were locked in at 3rd (regardless of this game) so it’s possible this week’s lackluster performance was simply a channeling of the Labradoodle’s ability to live in the ‘now’. For their sake, let’s hope so.

And now, the Finals are upon us. Apart from the fact we’re split into upper and lower echelons, every spot is up for grabs!


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