Minor Premiership – Table

The regular FF season is over. Interestingly, we are in POINTS SCORED order, which kind of makes a mockery about all that head-to-head drama… Or maybe it’s just proof that the karma factor was high this year?

Regardless, here is the state for the finals. Congrats to the Anodes for their impressive Minor Premiership win!


1st: Sacrificial Anodes (11-and-3, with 1,678 points)

2nd: Sultans of Suck (10-and-4, with 1,659 points)

3rd: Seasoned Vets (8-and-6, with 1,569 points)

4th: El Sereno Chica (7-and-7, with 1,552 points)


5th: Northern Aggression (7-and-7, with 1,496 points)

6th: Killer Koalas (6-and-8, with 1,474 points)

7th: Da Gnomes (4-and-10, with 1,448 points)

8th: Over Seasoned Vet (3-and-11, with 1,408 points)


Will the trophy head up to the Great White North? Or will SoCal find a local hero? And in the lower group, it’s hard to ignore that there’s a chance for one more brother-vs-brother matchup this season. If both the Gnomes and Aggressors win (or lose) in this week’s first round, then they’ll battle it out next week. The prize? A full 8-12 months of bragging rights, the volume of which will be dependent solely upon the victor’s mood. Big stakes…


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