Round 9 – Results

Headline: “Three teams get 86’ed, one team gets 112’ed”

A quick write-up is a good write-up, so a slightly slimmer version this morning…

Sultans of Suck (132) def Sacrificial Anodes (86.08)

The Sultans had four (count them, FOUR) players score in the 20’s, so they could actually play some 2-on-2 basketball with a six pack of Hanger 24 Pale Ale sitting on the bench next to them.  Matt ‘The Brat’ Forte (179 yards, TD) brought the bottle opener. Sadly, for the Anodes, there was one guy – Drew ‘Sad but true’ Brees (381 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT) – drinking alone… and six guys under 8 doing some finger painting and glitter glue artwork (of trees, flowers, and tanks).

El Sereno Chica (159) def Northern Aggression (86.86)

Hey Chicas, how do you get to 159 points? Oh, you have 4 playahs score over 20, and one playah score over 30 -> well done T. ‘Why no real name?’ Hilton (121 yards, 3 TDs). So simple, I can’t believe I haven’t figured that out before. Wait, what do you mean ‘you need talented playahs’? The Aggression know what I mean, given they had one ’16’ guy – Brandon “Glass half full” Marshall (107 yards, TD) – to drive the minivan, but then another nine guys to drop off at primary and middle school.  And the minivan is a mess.

Da Gnomes (118) def Seasoned Vets (86.98)

The Gnomes break a 4-game losing streak and burst into triple digits thanks solely to one man – Andre “I’ve a big” Johnson (229 yards, 3 TDs) – proving that if one man can stand tall, lots of gnomes can sit on his shoulders. The Seasoned Vets blunted their syringes on the unfamiliar porcelain Gnomish skin, so even with Russell Manning-Stand-In Wilson (243 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INT) doing his part, they just looked like weird dudes in white lab coats. This was THE week to play the Vets…

Over Seasoned Vet (151) def Killer Koalas (112.84)

You can never, ever, add to much cayenne powder to a tired old dried-out piece of elk jerky, and the Over Seasoned Vet proved that there is no way they’re losing EIGHT in a row. Chris ‘Look at this’ Johnson (170 yards, 2 TDs) said enough was enough… and he was right. The Koalas took the ignoble title of the best score to still lose, using Andrew “make your own” Luck () to make the score look close, but ruin what could have been the best ’86’ headline ever…

Four regular rounds to go. Positions 3, 4, 5 remain in a tight battle…


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