Just a quick note…

For those who had the distinct pleasure of watching the freak show that was Manning vs Romo on the weekend – at 51-48, it was the 4th highest scoring game of all time – I am wondering if you had the same experience as me. That is… the time passing in a blur, the inadvertent shouting of ‘what a throw’, the surprise at the sudden empty beer and chicken wings plate… Truly a mesmerizing game.

Yes, there were 2 interceptions and some pretty decent man-to-man coverage but, generally speaking, it was like watching NFL Offense play High School Defense. Like a bunny vs Goliath. Like Bambi meets Godzilla (great film, BTW). Like candy from a sleeping, bundled, well-fed, unattended newborn baby.

Well, you get the idea – great game, and well worth the hours invested.


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