Season 2013 begins!

Another off-season has passed. Another blurry 8 months of baseball, basketball, soccer, croquet, badminton and other such sports. Now, back to FOOTBALL.

The Draft was marred slightly by forgetful managers and distractions such as the construction of the Great Wall of Yucaipa, but the results were *expertly* self-analyzed by Yahoo and are as follows:

A: Killer Koalas, projected for 12-2 and 1675 points

A: Festivus Miracles, projected for 12-2 and 1673 points

B: Sultans of Suck, projected for 7-7 and 1591 points

B: Da Gnomes, projected for 7-7 and 1559 points

B: Northern Aggression for 7-7 and 1558 points

C+: El Sereno Chica for 7-7 and 1527 points

C: Seasoned Vets for 2-12 and 1511 points

D: Sacrificial Anodes for 2-12 and 1423 points

QUESTION: Is Yahoo’s self-affirming software (placing auto-picked Koalas at the top of the heap) something to be taken seriously?  Or is it a case of “I think, therefore I must be right. Right?”

Onwards to Round 1!





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