Round 10 – Results

This was the week of the upset, the underdog, and the unexpected. Yahoo incorrectly predicted who would win each and every matchup, throwing the validity of ‘projected points’ so far out the window that it bounced down the street and frightened a couple of old ladies walking home from bingo.  I, for one, say bravo.

Shawshank Redemption 176 v Won and Done 155

The Shanks, so long the dominant force in fantasy football leagues everywhere, have been struggling mightily all season just to stay in the 50-50 range. This week they started 14-point underdogs… yet they somehow embraced their inner Doberman and ripped apart the very surprised DonnerKebabs. A particularly sharp incisor tooth – with just a hint of tartar buildup – was provided by Calvin “I ate Hobbes” Johnson (207 yards, TD, FUM).  The DonnerKebabs, meanwhile, scored a full 31 points under their predicted score, helpfully placing themselves on a platter (complete with a sprig-of-juniper as garnish). No-one on the team broke 20-points, though Chris “not related to Calvin” Johnson (134 yards, TD) came close…

Sultans of Suck 180 v Giallorossi 147

The Sultans doubled down this week and, rather than losing yet ANOTHER camel, somehow came up with the win. Mathilda (the camel) was rather pleased and reportedly only spat on the Sultan three times on Sunday (rather then every 4 minutes, as was traditional).  Key to the success – and overcoming a 4-point spread – was Philip “who needs an oasis when you live near” Rivers (342 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INT). Giallorossi, on the other hand, fell asleep on watch this week, allowing two trollop Byes to sneak past him and run off with a couple of his players. Apart from the expected medial bill for injections next week, this also meant that an awesome 26 points from the Denver D (7 sacks, safety, 2 INT, 2 TDs) was wasted.

Killer Koalas 205 v Da Gnomes 173

Da Gnomes headed bravely into the woods, their stocky frames full of hope that their 16-point Yahoo advantage would carry the day. Sadly, their stubby arms were unable to reach high enough into the trees, leaving them open to the the battle cry of “on my command, unleash hell… and some refridgerators”.  With three furry fuzz-buckets scoring in the 20’s – the fattest and cuddliest being The Fat Cat on the Matt Stafford (342 yards, 3 TDS, INT) – it was clear that the treetops were going to survive another battle.  Da Gnomes, a full 35 points under their projected dream, were left feeling short and inadequate. Even Matt “Crushed Flat” Ryan (413 yards, 3 TDs, INT), who had a career day on Sunday, could only dream of what might have been.

So… t’was a good week to be the underdog. No complaints here.


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