Space Invaders,Chicken Little,or A Sign?

It’s early evening on a gorgeous Santa Barbaran beach , and my wife spots something falling from the sky. Luckily my handy-dandy Nikon D-90 was in my hand (chronicling every microsecond of the kids totally unscripted poses, per usual) so it was easy to swing it up and take some shots.

The first meteor we saw

Meteor? Or a sign that the Sultans are in trouble?

I wondered briefly if it was The Sultan’s fantasy football team burning up in the atmosphere… when a SECOND “sign from above” appeared – literally 90 seconds after the first. 

This one was a bit bigger than the first, and… my heart lurched.

Could it be the long-dreaded invasion from space (thereby killing countless Hollywood projects)? Or should I be running for shelter from the falling sky, Chicken Little style?

Or – worst of all – could it be a sign that MY team, the poor harmless Killer Koalas, was about to fall from grace?

The second meteor we saw

Another meteor? Or could another football team be in deep, deep trouble?

To at least rule out the Space Invaders theory, I zoomed in on the second meteor. This did not make me feel better -> the ‘wing’ effect was just a little too, um, “there” to make me relax completely.

Zoomed in x4 on meteors

x4 Zoom. I do not see wings. I do NOT see wings… Aunty ‘Em?

After 20 minutes – and with no explosions, death-rays, or (worst of all) a bunch of sobbing studio execs running through the streets – we went into Santa Barbara and had a delicious curry at Spice Avenue.  I felt better.

Only today (Sunday) will tell whose team – if any – lit up the sky that day.


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