Round 14 – Prelim

For this last regular round, there are two games still in the balance and worth a quick mention before the double-header MNF.

The nuggety Gnomes (72) nip at Giallorossi’s (99) ankles -> down by 27 points, the Gnomes have Ahmad Bradshaw (RB) and Ryan Longwell (K) coming tonight. Yahoo predicts them still losing, though only by a net of 11 points. The Italians need this win to drag themselves out of the gutter and into their dream finish of 9th place…

Festivus (49) flaps about within the Jelly’s (48) feeble fangs -> the Jellies infect yet another player with low-score-itis, but Yahoo still predicts that the Miracles – with Adrian Peterson (RB) and Arian Foster (RB) – will end up taking the win by 5 points, even though the Jellyfishers have 3 guys playing tonight – Anquan Boldin (WR), Ray Rice (RB), and Kevin Boss (TE).  Regardless of the result, the Miracles will keep top spot, and the Jellyfish will be 2nd or 3rd.

I’ll post the final regular-season scoreboard after the dust settles overnight…


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