Round 3 – Prelim

While several matchups still have players to come and therefore are not (technically) dead, the brutal reality is that there are only long shots in play for tonight. Listed in order by Vegas bookies (best odds first), the standings this morning are:

The Swine Flu leads the Salamanders by 16 points;

–          Salamanders have [WR] Donald Driver, against the Flu’s [K] Mason Crosby…

Giallorossi leads the Ants by 68 points;

–          The Ants have [QB] Rodgers and [WR] Jennings left…

The Gnomes lead the Cover Jinxes by 69 points;

–          The Jinxes have [TE] Finley and the GB [DEF] facing up against [K] Robbie Gould…

The Miracles lead the valiant Furies by 5 points;

–          The Furies have no-one left, but a 4-fumble game (and injury) from the Miracles’ [RB] Forte might do it…

The Jellyfish have vanquished Le Tromps by 10 points;

–          Both sides completely out of players…

Barring a MNF for the ages, the round is pretty much wrapped up.


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