Round 1 – Prelim

Here’s a quick status update for Monday morning:

The Miracles have slaughtered Giallorossi, the Tromps have a slim lead (and a couple of guys yet to play) over the said-and-done Fury, the Gnomes have a monster score and lead over the (not yet) My Year’s, the Ants have a 33-point head-start over the Cover Jinxes (who still have 3 players coming tonight, with a predicted 29 points in them), and the Salamanders have a 23-point lead over the Box Jellyfishers (who have 2 players, and 18 points, yet to play).

So three matchups are most decidedly decided, and two are still in play. In both cases, the undecided matches have the challenger needing more-than-predicted turnouts tonight.  I, for one, am looking forward to a couple of 48-46 matches tonight – it’s good for football…


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