BREAKING NEWS: Miracle of Miracles!

After an embarrassing system glitch, Yahoo is forced to admit that a “clerical error” had incorrectly given the Round 14 win to Da Fury instead of the Festivus Miracles.  Any suggestions that this change-in-result was due to Larry’s position as the League Administrator (and was owed – quote – “some favors from the boys”) were vehemently denied.  Apparently the offending clerk, a mid-level C# function from San Jose, was fired as a result.

This win has a HUGE impact on the league.  In no particular order:

– The REGULAR SEASON championship now goes to the Festivus Miracles

– GotaBeats have gotta beat the Squad to get to Larry in the finale

– The Miracles have to beat the fast-rising Gnomes to get to the finale to get beaten by the GotaBeats

– Thunder rises to 5th, now faces Giallorossi in the Snuggle Bowl

– Da Fury drops to 6th, now faces the Sophomore Slumps

– The Lemmings and the Tromps enter litigation against, to recover lost dignity and self-respect. Lawyers are quietly hopeful.

There was some initial concern that the league’s underpaid and underskilled writing staff had “blown a gasket” upon learning of the change, but confirmation that others had also experienced the incorrectly posted previous score (plus a few quick shots of early-morning Bundaberg Rum) helped them get back on track.

Final standings for the regular season (barring any more ‘adjustments’ to the system):

1: Festivus Miracles [10-4] 1455 pts

2: Practice Squad [10-4] 1321 pts

3: GotaBeatLarry [9-5] 1416 pts

4: Nittany Gnomes [8-6] 1289 pts

5: Thunderball [7-7] 1204 pts

6: Da Fury [6-8] 1278 pts

7: Sophomore Slumps [6-8] 1228 pts

8: Giallorossi [5-9] 1332 pts

9: Le Trompe-loeil [5-9] 1237 pts

10: Lemming Chasers [4-10] 1309 pts


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