Week 3 (aka Week of the NEUROPOWER)

Many thanks to Anthony for guest blogging this weeks results.  Without further ado…


You all may think that you are in 9.4 hell, or facing headlong into winter, or moving your kitbag from the inner sanctum to easy living santa Barbara – though that all sounds pretty swell…

In a small office somewhere, it was decided that all managers must do the NeuroPower training – think yourselves all lucky! The last time I felt my core beliefs so abused was when Shep decided to give everyone persona’s – and I apparently was Queen Amidala.

So in true NeuroPower fashion, I will recount the week at hand….

Observers 68.12 lost to the Givers 94.86

(Le Trompe-l’œil 68.12 lost to Festivus Miracles 94.86)

The Givers gave it royally to the Observers – their pesky little offence and zero defence were no match for the power and miracle of what could be considered the mainstay of the competition. Larry and his boys lived up to expectation, with illuminating performances from Aaron “I rogered you burgon” Rodgers spruiking out his contempt for St. Louis with a game 28 odd points. Phillip “give me some credit” Rivers could muster only very little, with a paultry 16.62 against the hapless tuna can fillers – oh and don’t forget the great man Adrian “foster flop” Petersen – what a waste of space that lad is. More questions are raised than answered – While pride and flattery defines the Givers – only stark detachment is in line for those faux frenchies with an outrageous accent.

Epicures (Type B) 80.06 lose to the Perfectionists 95.10

(Thunderball 80.06 bt by The Practice Squad 95.10)

Forever looking for the perfect name, that perfect squad and striving though the nuances of the perfect game – the Perfectionists smothered hope and misery collectively from the veins of the pork chop wielding Epicures. While an Epicure continually indulges in the delights of life (donuts, burgers and a perchance for anything covered with maple syrup) – the Perfectionist can only consume as per past greats, like the Spartans. Too numerous were the performers from the team that continually changes its name, that one can barely put into copy the multiple larger than life performances from “da Squad”. We all may want to be afraid, especially the big Giver – for this is the shot over the Givers pride based love affair with being the best. Thunderman has a long season ahead, with plenty of gluttony and apprehension as he awaits further defeats (Peyton cannot save you – so trade him). As for the Mr Perfect – only further resentment and judgement is heading our way.

Protectors 61.26 loses to the Mediators 80.78

(Nittany Gnomes 61.26 bt by Sophomore Slumps 80.78)

How can one student of the game be so lapse, one may ask? While a protector of the game plays Terrell? Why would one want to protect such a loser… All can be revealed by the thinking that the Protector is in control, has courage and thinks that with their acts alone can they energise others. Well, theory blown Mr Gnome! Whereas, the Mediator felt the need to field “hanging in the” Brees and Royal “with cheese”. This apt student of the game floored the Protector right where the crown jewells should have been covered, even with these lapse performances (helps when you have Mossman getting 23 and Ya Crotch getting 16). What belies the Mediators – his sloth like antics and devil may care attitude could build over the rest of the year. Whereas the Protectors will have more disappointment with their over worked up and over charged up approach.

Epicure (Type A) 91.34 flogged by the Loyal Skeptics 108.38

(Da Fairy Fury 91.34 bt by GotaBeatLarry 108.38)

When the Fury left town, they dumped their observer/perfectionist archetype, for the wine loving, gluttonous ways of Santa Barbara county. How can one who loves the good life take on one that is harnessed purely by hate and reprisal. The loyal skeptics are gunning for the Big Giver – and hence a key question that the Skeptic would ponder “What could go wrong or be dangerous” is his primary distraction as he takes his stable head on towards the Big Giver. While both sides had strong performances from their key players, sprinkled with dud performances – the mainstay of difference was one Maurice Jones “hyphen” Drew with 32 points. Without this, those pesky skeptics might have been challenged – though with a season filled with anxiety and doubt, we should not feel too afraid of these boys. As for the “i love my new life, love my tranquil state, love…” aghast! Too much good wine and good food will no doubtably choke and cure the life out of team Epicure.

Achievers 95.68 pipped by the Romantics 101.48

(Giallorossi 95.68 def by Lemming Chasers 101.48)

What happens when high octane Achievers take on highly stylised and creative genius of the hapless (and yet winning) Romantics? Tears, Tears and more Tears. How can one so brilliant in all aspects of “living on the big stage of life” be taken down by the love-glowing flame of a boy from downunder who has made good? Less questions and more statements. The continued love affair that the hapless Romantic has with “I love you” Tom, “you are so sexy” Pierre, and “i will put up with you” Desean means that he will sign these boys to lifelong contracts – only to be filled with envy, longing and melancholy – how tragic. Whereas, the Achievers will just brush this off and with vanity and deceit in using the ways of task, goals, tasks, goals, tasks, goals – until no one else is left standing. What does this all mean…

There is no greater waste of time than the rigour that some will put others through to get a point across….goodnight


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