For good or ill, the 2009 draft is done and (despite no passes, no sacks and no TD’s) the season HAS begun. This is the one (and only) part of the season where your little friend “hope” can wander unmolested around your head, so live it up while you can.  Shortly – very shortly for some – some draft decisions may come back to haunt you.

For example, the Lemming Chasers (yours truly) was quite surprised to learn that his 10 minutes of research  failed to pick up this recent tit-bit on Brandon Marshall – “..[the Broncos] suspended Marshall for the rest of the preseason last Friday for detrimental conduct”.  Sure, I knew the guy wasn’t really somone you’d want dating your daughter, but your #1 WR pick should at least be hitting the field, yes?

There were also a lot of auto-drafters this year.  Before a pass is thrown they can all tell themselves – and possibly even CONVINCE themselves – that picking a Kicker in the 7th round is a good thing (a goooooood thing), but we all know that pretty soon all this hope will be laid bare to the Football Gods.  It may not be sacrificial chicken time yet, but you know it’s coming…

Actually, now that I look at it, it seems we may (through pure chance) be in a unique positon to run the ultimate comparison of Manual vs Auto-Draft.  We had 4 players (Festivus, RAND, Gnomes, Lemmings) pick every team member, 2 players (Fury, Sophomores) come in late and pick about half their team, and the 4 others (GotaBeatLarry, ThunderBall, Italian-thingy, Froggy-thingy) rely solely on the intuitiveness and cunning of Yahoo.

Initial analysis suggests that the hybrid approach – one part Yahoo, one part frantic clicking through the available choices to ‘fix’ Yahoo’s mistakes – might be the way to go.  The top two predicted scores for round one are Da Fury and Sophomore Slumps… 

Regardless, the game has begun. May the best team win (or, like last year, may the best team be beaten in the Final in a manner designed to suck the last vestiges of life from Larry’s battered heart).


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