2008 Season – Week 12

We did a lot better this week.  Of the top 13 point getters in fantasy football this weekend, only one of those (Chad Pennington at #3) was a free agent.  The top point getter once again was Matt Cassel (40 pts) who was picked up at some point during the week by the GoGos.  Anyone want to take bets on whether Cassel can continue this point barrage with 400+ yard weeks?  I think not.  Cassel was only a couple of points better than others though, as many players had huge weeks and carried most of our teams.  The interesting thing about this week was the 4 out of top 5 teams in our league won, with only the Da Fury losing which will drop him out of the current playoff picture and move the Gnomes in.  The perpetrator of this colossal upset was none other than Notgonnabelast who should make a monumental leap from last place to 6th place with the victory.  The bottom 5 will all be tied with 4-8 records with just a couple of weeks to go. 

No excitement for tonight, as all games are effectively over even before the Packers put another monumental hurt on the Saints.

 So on to the matches:

 Gogoplata vs. Thunderball (89.30 – 72.92):


  • The GoGos are definitely dancing to a new tune with the aforementioned Matt “King of the castle” Cassel leading the way.  007 had a good weekend at the box office, but was never really in this one.  The dancing girls still have a few players waiting in the wings to put the finishing touches on this route.
  • Gogoplata – Cassel lead the way with an impressive 40 pts.  Another strong performances were turned in by Marshawn Lynch (16.4) and Maid Marion (10.90).  Better things should come tonight from Greg Jennings and possibly Marques Colston (though he has done very little this season).
  • Thunderball – rough week for these guys at the bottom of their team, as the defense (Carolina) and kicker (David Akers) combine for 0.  The vaunted Wildcat offense wasn’t enough to keep Cassel off the field or Ronnie Brown (4.7 pts.) in the end zone.  Philip Rivers (23.02) and Tony Gonzalez (17.3 – good to have you back, Tony) put in strong performance in the losing effort.  Thunder could have made this a lot more interesting had he played DeAngelo Williams (20 pts) and Isaac Bruce (18.5 pts).


Giallorossi  vs. Rookie Mistakes (91.04 – 54.30):


  • The projections had the Rookies pulling this one out, but I’ve yet to see the projections be even close.  The yellow-reds were banking on a resurgent Cowboy team (will always be hard to like those guys) to lead the way, and got their wish.  Jessica Simpson must have kept Romo’s pinkie nice and loose.
  • Giallorossi – a nice attack with 6 players in double figures.  The resurgent Tony Romo led the way with 29.34, followed by the Dallas D and Wes Walker both with 12.
  • Rookie Mistakes – the Rookies also left a few points on the bench with Darren McFadden finally showing a little life at 17.2 pts, but that doesn’t count from the bench.  On the field the Rookies had just Laveranues (who names their kid Laveranues) Coles in double digits with 14.8.  Better luck next week.


Festivus Miracles vs. Heavy Lifters (101.64 – 76.60):


  • Festivus got this week off and didn’t need any Miracles as the Lifters were still off sunning themselves down under (where did Nathan go??).  The Lifters continue to dominate the total points for the season (at the low end that is), currently being 50+ points below anyone else.
  • Festivus Miracles – The Miracles sleep walk through this one led by Matt Forte’s 24.6 pts (has anyone noticed that this guy is really good??) and 23 from the Tampa Bay D.  The Miracles high scoring was sitting on the bench, though (TO – 27.30 pts.), but the coach commented that it still felt good to bench that guy.  We’ll see if he gets to see the field Thursday.
  • Heavy Lifters – The Lifters got some strong performances from Tyler Thigpen (no comment) with 24.5 pts and the Minnesota D with 24 pts, but was out of it do to donuts from Chad Johnson (probably would have been replaced by Anthony Gonzalez’s 15 pts), Plaxico “Plastic” Burress, and Anthony Fasano (does he still play?).  Clinton Portis also had another fine game with 15.9.


Nittany Gnomes vs. Out to get Shep (92.46 – 68.44):


  • What can you say about this one?  The Sheps were built to beat the Lifters and seem lost when they play anyone else.  With the Lifters down at the bottom, maybe the Sheps should have set their sights higher?  As mentioned earlier, the Gnomes move into the final playoff spot with this latest victory.
  • Nittany Gnomes – The Gnomes appeared to have dodged a bullet by not starting the quickly fading McNabb (-2.94), but didn’t fare too much better with the also fading Jay Cutler (6.56 against Oakland??).  They did have 5 other players with double digits, though, led by 20 from the Chicago D and 16+ from Steve “I can’t score unless Delhomme can throw” Smith and Kevin Faulk.
  • Out to get Shep – in Out we have the winner for the most points on the bench.  Hard to blame Out for not playing Le’Ron McClain (14.8) and Tim Hightower (14.1) who have been sleeping of late, but Trent Edwards (38.7) had a good matchup against KC.  The Outs also missed a rare 19 pt kicker effort from Nick Folk.  On the positive side, Jason Campbell had a reasonable 17.44 and Calvin Johnson continued his weekly trip to the end zone with 12.6.


Notgonnabelast vs. Da Fury (112.70 – 54.30):


  • And finally we have the one “upset” of the week.  The Lasters took out all of their fury on the Fury to get himself out of the cellar.  The luckless one finally got some strong performances out of Randy Moss and others to help him along.  The only question is whether the Lasters will return to their normal form next week?  The Fury will need to regroup and try to reclaim that last playoff spot.
  • Notgonnabelast – Got all he really needed from Randy Moss (30.5) and Michael Turner (35.7).  Jeff Garcia (14.5) and Dwayne Bowe (11.8) also chipped in in this league leading performance.  The Lasters didn’t mind Brandon Jacobs sitting this one out and still have Donald Driver yet to play tonight.
  • Da Fury – the Fury never really got rolling in this one, with only 1 active player (Big Ben – 23.02 pts) in double digits.  LenDale White was no where to be found this week one carry for -1 yards (-0.1 pts) which seemed to represent the overall effort from our lower scorer of the week.  No where to go but up for these guys.

I believe Nathan is back  next week, so you can expect better things then.  Don’t forget there are 3 games on Thursday this week so set your lineups accordingly.  Good luck to everyone but the Gnomes!



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