2008 Season – Week 11

Another week of Fantasy football . . . . are we having fun yet?  Tony Romo is back and maybe the Cowgirls are too, or maybe the Redskins just aren’t that good.  Other past studs were back on the field this week also (Larry Johnson, Willie Parker, etc.), and the jury is still out on them.  One thing that is for sure (baring some major fireworks tonight), Matt Cassel ruled the roost in a losing effort this week with 15 more pts than any other player and he’s a free agent in our league.  In fact 4 of the top 5 point scorers from this week (to date) are free agents.  What does that tell you??  Only Giallorossi (is this the Italian FFL?) has a player in the top 5 this week, and of course he also has the high score in the league with 2 players yet to play.  The rest of us are all currently clumped in the 72 to 88 range.  Not a very impressive week.

So on to the matches:

Heavy Lifters vs. Out to get Shep (79.00 – 72.78):


  • Looked like an easy one for the Out to get, with the Lifters GM out of town and not watching over the lowest scoring team in the league, but it was not meant to be.  Many points left on the bench for both teams, so neither of these guys are going to get the Executive of the year award.  In fact, the Lifters appear to play better when the Manager is out of town, something for him to consider next season as well.
  • Heavy Lifters – led by the dynamic duo of Tyler Thigpen (huh??) and Frank Gore with 23.9 and 21.4 respectively.  Could have had the 20+ trifecta with Steve Slaton, but the Indy killer was riding the pine.
  • Out to get Shep – tried to spread the scoring around a little bit, and only  managed to get two guys (Jason “I’m throwing picks now” Campbell and Calvin “can anyone stop this guy” Johnson over the 10 point bar.   The Outs were carried, though, by the Giants D who appear poised to carry the whole Giants team back to another Superbowl.


Nittany Gnomes vs. Giallorossi (76.66 – 105.32):


  • Pity the short guys.  They would have been in most games this week, but didn’t have much of a chance against the high flying Italians.  Maybe should have tried the French style with the head butt to the chest, but in the Gnomes case that would have been more like a head butt to the shin and not likely to have had much affect.
  • Nittany Gnomes – nice balanced attack with 4 guys in double figures, but also with 3 playes at 2.5 or below led by the Chicago D (too cold for them in Green Bay?) with a strong 1 and Willis McGahee and Vincent Jackson not far behind with 2.5.
  • Yellow-reds – got Romo back this week, but didn’t really need him (though he did appear to spark the team to greater heights).  Giallorossi had 6 players in double figures with 2 left to play, led by the newly resurgent Joseph Addai (bet you he doesn’t hit double figures next week) with 27.3.  The Yellow-reds had a couple more double figure scorers on the bench just for good measure.


Gogoplata vs. Notgonnabelast (88.14 – 72.00):


  • The lasters are trying hard to stay out of the cellar and have the lead, but the GoGos still have one more on their dance card and appear ready to dance on to the playoffs.  The snake bit lasters maybe have the Giants to blame as they benched their league leading kicker (John Carney) because it was too windy for him, leaving the lasters with a zero on the K line.  Those missed points could very well be the difference.
  • Gogoplata – many of their dancers appeared to take the week off with poor showing by many.  The GoGos did get decent production out Greg “I’m still here” Jennings and then a big night from the workhorse Marion Barber with 21.3.  Marshawn Lynch will be looking to save the day tonight at home against those lowly Cleveland Browns.  All is needed is 16.15 so it isn’t a gimmie, but would have to think he’ll get it.
  • Notgonnabelast – not last yet, but trying hard.  The lasters got good production out of Brees (though not as high as expected), Brandon Jacobs, Michael Turner, and Pittsburgh D, but were hurt badly by their missing kicker and so questionable management (Bobby Engram – 3.00 starting over Dwayne Bowe – 17.3).  Fear not lasters, there’s always Oakland and Detroit can still use you for personnel decisions.


Da Fury vs. Rookie Mistakes (72.42 – 79.48):


  • A good nail biter between the Rookies and the 3rd place Fury.  The Rookies decided to spot the Fury -.60 courtesy of Julius Jones (wasn’t he good once?), but the one time Cowboy killer Santana Moss (2.9) could not pull it out in the late game. 
  • Da Fury – their leading scorer was Brett Favre with 22.42, but he apparently mentioned retirement again and was not in the lineup.  Marvin Harrison (almost as old as Favre) was also a double digit point man sitting on the bench.  The Fury did get some surprise production out of TJ “how’s your daddy?” Houshmandzadeh and Big Ben Roethlisberger, but it wasn’t enough to carry the Fury and the underachieving Brian Westbrook (7.1 – but you expect so much more out of him).
  • Rookies – led by four players in double figures including Aaron Rodgers, Larry Fitzgerald, Kevin Smith (why did it take Detroit so long to figure out this guy is good?), and the Philly D.  More than enough to make up for below 0 output from Mr. Jones (related to Sean?)


Festivus Miracles – ThunderBall (88.7 – 77.06):


  • The Miracles benched their number 1 pick (LT) and were fortunate to hang on against 007 and the rest of the ThunderBall team.  The upset was in the making with 24.9 and 24 points coming from Peyton Manning and DeAngelo Williams for ThunderBall, but these guys weren’t allowed into the game.  Sean must have been going with the Shepherd approach of less management, but in this case it back fired on him.
  • Miracles – led by 4 players in double figures, with the most notable being Mason Crosby who kicked his way to 16.  The Miracles continued to be plagued by that locker room cancer TO who hasn’t hit double figures in a long time.  Looks like he’s the one that should be riding the bench.
  • ThunderBall – got surprisingly good production out of Maurice Jones-Drew (21.3) playing against the formidable Titans D, but that wasn’t enough to overcome the 48 points on the bench.  The biggest underachiever on the squad was the top 5 QB Philip Rivers who just couldn’t get it done against the Steelers.  What is it they keep saying about west coast teams playing against the East?

 Sorry, not as good as Nathan . . .



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